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What is Clint going to work on immediately in Congress:

Clean Government UpMedicare Available to AllWhat to do with RussiaMORE

 Rip Off Report

* TSA law enforcement officer fired for attempting to inspect a sealed catering truck for a  Middle Eastern flight. This sealed truck would be allowed to unload food carts (and whatever  else it wanted to unload) on to a commercial airline that flies over American citizens. It had  been given an exemption from surprise inspection by law enforcement. Press conference  August 14,2019.

 * 911 Survivor that was buried under the North tower for over 17 hours, arbitrarily had  benefits canceled by bureaucrat. Press conference September 11, 2019

 * TSA whistleblower retaliated against for reporting a TSA executive allowing a bomb on a  passenger flight. Press conference October 16,2019

 * GAG  ORDER  IN  PLACE - It will be challenged in court. We belive the public has a right to know.
13, 2019

 * TSA whistleblower retaliated against for reporting a Congressman spending millions of tax-  payers money to provide financial gain to a member of their family. Press conference  December 14,2019

 * TSA executive whistleblower retaliated against for reporting illegal promotions including  providing the answers to a potential candidate. Press conference January 15,2020

 * Social Security stealing your tax dollars by placing arbitrary limits on a persons ability to  file. This and other changes that will make government start working for us. Press conference 
 February 12, 2020.

 * Replacing Agencies that are failing. Many government agencies cost us billions of dollars  and fail 90 percent of the time. These agencies must be replaced with Agencies that work for  us. Press conference March 11, 2020

................More to come
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