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Millions of dollars are available to non-profits, governmental agencies and even commercial businesses that are available from Federal Grants.

We can help you in the grant application process and even in finding the grants that best fit you.

We provide these services at a price that is affordable to entities that would be able to actually qualify for a grant.

We have programs available that provide ongoing research into grants as they become available. This allows us to match what the grant requires with what you already do. We also provide a matching service, which finds partner organizations to meet the grant requirements by combining what you do with what they do.

Once we find the grant that matches both your skills and your funding needs, we can analyze the requirements and discuss if you can fully meet the grant and if you want to apply. We do the legwork and dig deeper to learn the specific grant-making priorities. The difference between applying for a grant and receiving a grant is often due to knowing the priorities of the funding entity.

We assist the applicants in the initial registration and meeting the requirements for submitting a grant.

Our grant writers are all attorneys. This makes sure that the complexity of the language in a grant offering is understood and met within your grant submission.

Once the grant is written and reviewed by you, we also assist you with the full submission of the grant utilizing the electronic grant filing web application.

Please give us a call or visit our web-site to start gaining funding from the millions of available grants dollars.

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