About Us

Clint Curtis
Ingrid Morfa

Clint attended Illinois State University where he achieved a BS degree in political science and later attended law school at Barry University of Law in Orlando, Cambridge in England, and McGeorge Law School in California.

Clint Curtis is one of the founding partners of the Law Offices of Clint Curtis & Ingrid Morfa. Clint has been heavily involved in politics, having been nominated to be a candidate for US Congress in both Florida and California. Clint was instrumental in exposing government corruption. He also exposed the inherent vulnerabilities of non-verifiable electronic voting machines.

He has testified about these problems across the country as well as before a Congressional Committee examining the issue. He has been featured in over a dozen films, documentaries and books.

Clint has also worked with community groups assisting in the restoration of civil rights as well as professionals in “The Soldiers Project” which provide much needed help to military service members.

Clint and his partner established the Law Offices of Clint Curtis and Ingrid Morfa in order to ensure that disabled citizens receive the benefits they deserve. This includes both Social Security Disability and Veterans Disability. Clint practices only federal law with his area of interests limited to helping disabled citizen. For Clint, this in the only area he practices. It is not just a sideline to other practice areas. Disability Law … It’s what we do.

Ingrid Morfa received both her A.S. and B.S. degrees in Legal Assistant Studies from New York City College of Technology, City University of New York. After moving from New York City to Florida, Ingrid Morfa commenced her doctoral studies at Barry University School of Law where she became a Doctor of Jurisprudence. Ingrid had the opportunity to study International Law and EU Law at Cambridge University in Cambridge, England.


School, although a large part of who she is, does not ultimately define her. She is defined by her family and her values. A mother of four, she works hard to make the world a better place for her children and everyone that she meets. Ingrid teaches her children the importance of helping others, especially those in need. She teaches by doing. Her community service ranges from collecting school supplies for the poor to advocating for the most vulnerable members of our community.


A Professor of Law at Kaplan University, Ingrid strives to educate not only her students but her clients. Ingrid also conducts citizenship classes for the community at no cost and has done so for several years now. It is her belief that an educated community can make better decisions not only with their legal matters, but also in their personal lives.